E-cigarettes banned in Largo City buildings

man smoking e-cigarette
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LARGO, FLA. -- State and federal regulators haven't touched this topic yet, but the City of Largo has: the city is breaking new ground and has banned cigarettes from city buildings.

The city workplace has been tobacco free since 2012 and now--effective immediately--it is e-cigarette free.

When asked about people's reaction as someone lights up a real cigarette or an e-cigarette nearby one person said "it doesn't make any difference to me...it is polluting my air," said resident Steve Foulk.

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"I want to leave. It will be smokey chemicals around me – I want to leave," said Kaitlyn Milaini

"It doesn't bother me - I am educated, I know what's in it," said Jennifer Wiggins.

There were mixed reviews from the public on whether or not e-cigarettes should be banned where cigarettes are banned; we even asked a smoker if they wanted to breath it in, "No, probably not. It is not fair for the smoker to make everybody smoke."

The ordinance states you can't use e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes or anything under the product name in city buildings – places like city hall, police headquarters, the recreation center, or the library.

"Now they smoke; so they'll go outside and smoke real cigarettes. I would rather see them inside smoking air and water instead of the real thing," said Jennifer Wiggins.

An e-cigarette industry expert worked with city officials to make sure the wording of this ordinance didn't included the word "tobacco."

VISTA Truth, a Vaping Industry Supported Proactive Advocacy Non-Profit Corporation, president Kevin Skipper said, "In the state of Florida we oppose any and all city and country bans: they want to classify these as tobacco products, which the state hasn't done yet - cities should take a relaxed approach."

The Assistant City Manager said in a statement the ban came after citizens complained about e-cigarettes, "Most people assume that if regular smoking is prohibited, then the use of e-cigarettes would logically also be prohibited. State law regulates smoking in buildings, but is silent on the issue of e-cigarettes."

To join the conversation on Facebook on what the limits of using e-cigarettes in public should be, click HERE.


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