Is Black Friday relevant anymore?

There are thousands of shoppers ready to hit the stores once the turkey is finished.
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Gone are the days of doorbusters on the day after Thanksgiving. Now you can find deals and doorbusters all week long, both in store and online.

Stores, like Walmart, are opening their doors on Thanksgiving day and actually calling it Black Friday.

Dr. Robert Hooker, University of South Florida marketing professor, says it's different now. "It's changed. It's not Black Friday anymore. It's the shopping season of Thanksgiving week."

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"We find that shoppers like to shop on Thanksgiving. They like to spend time with their families and then they like to come out shopping," says Aaron Powell, a store manager at Walmart.


For many stores, Black Friday isn't the day after Thanksgiving anymore, it's a label they use to advertise big deals.

And if you want to save the most money at Walmart, Powell says Thanksgiving Day is the time to do it either in the store or online.

Hooker agrees the week around Black Friday really is the best time to get the best deals, but keep that smartphone handy to compare prices and utilize the store apps as well. "It's not that Black Friday is graying, it's just transitioning with the inclusion of more online retailing and that sort of thing."

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