Large alligator knocks at Lutz homeowner's front door

Large alligator knocks at Lutz families front door
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When Metts Bahadir saw who was knocking on his door Wednesday morning, his blood went cold.

"It was really scary," Bahadir said.

A 10-foot alligator was waiting on his doorstep. Bahadir has been sharing photos on Facebook, but even his friends find it hard to believe.

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"People say is this real? Is this a joke? Are you pranking [me]? No I'm not, it happened," Bahadir said

Definitely not a croc, it really happened. He has the video to prove it.

"It was flipping, it was hissing," Bahadir said.

A trapper lassoed the large reptile, wrangling it away from the glass front door. Bahadir is just glad the gator didn't knock earlier.

"I would have been really worried my son could have opened the door," Bahadir said.

It appears the gator crawled over from a pond at the golf course the family backs up to. A serious water hazard.

"Think twice before you open the door," Bahadir said.


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