Parents to sue in school bus crash into pond

A bus, carrying students from Bryant Elementary School, crashed into a pond on Sept. 17.
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Tampa, Florida -- Parents of children who were on a bus that crashed into a pond four months ago have sent the district a letter on their intent to file suit. At the time of the accident, there were 27 children on board and the driver was fired after police say he was going 48 mph in a 35 mph zone.

But now questions still remain after a bus carrying more than 30 children was involved in an accident Wednesday night. The driver of that bus, Marilyn Ray, was cited for failing to yield.

We're digging deeper into that driver's history and whether she should've been on the road in the first place.

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"I saw that the bus was going fast and car going fast," said student Sean Figueroa.

Figueroa was who was one of 31 kids on the elementary school bus when, "I flew forward. I hit my head on the phone," says Figueroa.

The bus crashed into another vehicle.

"It's very scary. They have to do an investigation," says Figueroa.

We took parent's concerns to Jim Beekman, the director of transportation for Hillsborough County Schools.

"We pulled her records—records look great," says Jim Beekman, Director of Transportation for Hillsborough County Schools.

Beekman says Ray won't be back behind the wheel until an investigation on what happened is complete.

"It will go in front of incident review board and [they] will decide what goes on after that," says Beekman.

Drivers and their training have been under scrutiny since a bus ended up into a pond months back. The driver in that incident, Lenoir Sainfimin, was fired a day later and 10News WTSP uncovered that parents of children on the bus will be filing a lawsuit against the district.

We wanted to know about Ray's training and one of her most recent tests showed everything including turns, speeding were in compliance. But she did have two traffic citations in her own car back in 2007 and 2008.

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"You can still be a driver with a citation on your record? Yeah," says Beekman. "The drivers, we continue to train drivers and have hired three additional trainers for the district."

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