Verify: Do larger than life Fla. alligators really exist?

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Do the larger than life Florida alligators really exist? 


We can verify that those larger, Godzilla-like alligators do really exist. But don't worry, those big ones aren't bothering anybody. 

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The record for biggest alligator in Florida was 14 feet and 3 1/2 inches. The record weight is 1,043 pounds. 

Here's some quick facts to hopefully put your mind at ease: 

  • There has only been four alligator related fatalities in Florida since 2008 
  • The sunshine state averages seven bites on humans per year
  • Your chances of being seriously hurt by alligator is 1 in 2.4 million
  • There have been 603 shark attacks in Florida since 1959 

Also, there are rules set by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission saying that nuisance alligators over four feet in length have to be killed if they encroach on public areas.


Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission