TAMPA, FL -- It's highly popular and the hottest show on Broadway. Hamilton is coming to Tampa.

The award-winning musical will make a stop in the Bay at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts.

It'll come for the 2018-2019 season.

Probably the biggest question you want to know, how can you snag some tickets?

"For people to put their minds at ease about getting seats is to become season ticket holders," said Andrew Meacham, performance arts critic for the Tampa Bay Times.

He spoke with the president of the Straz Center directly.

"The Straz says that they will get first dibs and donors and the longer they've been ticket holders, the better their seats will be."

After that, he says there should be more tickets available.

"There will also be seats for general admission." The next big thing…prices.

"Tickets for shows in demand in the past have gone to size $200. They indicate that the good seats here would at least be that much but the exact pricing is yet to be determined," Meacham said.
He adds the Straz warns against buying from ticket scalpers trying to re-sell them in bulk.