PLAYA VISTA ( — New video has emerged showing what happened leading up to the clash between actor Anthony Michael Hall and his neighbor.

Earlier this week, Hall’s neighbor accused the one-time Brat Pack actor of starting a fight with him over an open condo gate.

KCAL9’s Tom Wait said the new video shows Hall acting aggressively.

The video purports to show Hall kicking his neighbor’s window.

The bizarre behavior captured on security video inside his Playa Vista condo complex shows the former Brat Pack star appearing to knock another neighbor to the ground.

“Mr. Hall without any warning or provocation pushed him to the ground and as we went down his left hand tried to brace his fall,” said attorney Donald Karpel, representing Richard Samson, the man Hall is accused of attacking.

“He has a non-displaced radial fracture of his left arm. He was in a cast,” Karpel said, “He’s been in occupational therapy. There’s been atrophy of the nerves.

Karpel says Hall knocked his client down after his client tried to calm Hall as he was arguing with another neighbor.

Hall – known for roles in Sixteen Candles” and “The Breakfast Club ” has continued to work in Hollywood – he recently appeared on a KCAL9 newscast to promote his new movie “Natural Selection.”

But Hall’s current whereabouts are a mystery – Karpel says he’s not been seen in the condo complex since the argument back in September.

Hall was already arrested once at the complex several years ago for threatening a neighbor.

“They were very fearful of him and his erratic behavior,” said Karpel.

Hall is facing a felony charge for the most recent clash with a neighbor.

Wait reached out to Hall’s attorney for a comment but has not yet heard back, he reports.

Hall’s other credits include “Edward Scissorhands,” “Six Degrees of Separation,” “Pirates of Silicon Valley,” “61*” and “Murder in the First.”