Shay Torres wasn’t sure what to do.

Her husband, Jamie Thompson, was being wheeled back into emergency surgery to repair a hernia.

“I was just praying. It’s the only thing I know how to do,” said Torres. “I was taught if you have a personal relationship with Him, just keep praying.”

Without family or friends by her side, and sketchy cell service inside the hospital, she somehow got the idea to open up an app on her phone for a desperate plea.

She calls it a bit of divine interruption.

“I’m in need of a prayer,” she typed into the Nextdoor app, a social media connection pathway for people to find others in their immediate neighborhoods. “I’m just asking for someone to just a little prayer for my family. I’m along in the hospital waiting room.”

She expected to get maybe one or two well-wished over the course of the 4.5 hour surgery. Instead, she was flooded with messages.

“God WILL NOT give you more than you can handle,” read one stranger’s post.

“I know, if two or more are praying, God hears you,” read another.

“It’s an overwhelming experience,” said Thompson, who is home recovering from surgery now. “It renewed my faith.”

Now, the couple and their two kids have a neighborhood they’re proud to call home thanks to an app, typically used to help buy and sell items locally, they say played a role in helping them get through a tough time.

“In a way I wasn’t alone,” said Torres. “It felt reassuring that I have neighbors that care.”