A few years ago, I wondered…

Do you have to watch college hoops to fill out a fairly accurate bracket?

Apparently, no.

I challenged my daughter, then just shy of two-years-old, to fill out a bracket based on nothing more than her toddler knowledge of basketball and a love for colors and animals. She picked based on which schools had funny sounding names and which mascots caught her fancy.

I picked, of course, based on my vast knowledge of the man-to-man defense and precise offensive concepts on the college court.

She won.

Year after year, I have been reminded that it takes no skill to accurately fill out an NCAA tournament bracket. Even kids can get this right.

My daughter is almost six now. Surely, she’ll beat me again.

So, I’m now challenging my not-quite-two-year-old son.

He chose teams based on which school names sounded appealing. I matched animal figurines to the corresponding mascots and that seemed to help him decide.

In the end, somehow, he chose Arizona. All things considered, that’s a really solid choice.

My daughter, who was excited that she was able to write out her own letters this year, chose Baylor, a 2-seed, to win it all. I like Duke to win the title this season.

Based on past experiences, Baylor will be the champion.

Or Arizona.

Sorry, Duke fans. I have cursed you, again.