Francine Arsenault-Frappier sat under her umbrella trying to escape the staunch Florida sunshine. Despite the October heat, the Ontario native is enjoying her trip to Clearwater Beach.

“We like the weather. He like the palm trees. We like the people,” she said with a smile. “I agree that Americans are great neighbors to us.”

Arsenault-Frappier had just finished watching a video on a cell phone produced by her fellow Canadians praising the United States and reminding their southern neighbors that they were “already great”.

“I agree,” said Don, another Ontario resident visiting the shores of Tampa Bay. “I love coming here. Every year. I’ve been coming here for 20 years.”

A few feet away, a group of volleyball players from Sweden practiced for a tournament. The Sweden natives couldn’t help themselves from discussing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s presidential debate from the night before.

Despite concerns over the election, the foreign visitors are thankful for a place to visit like the United States.

“I love it,” said volleyball player Lennart Kallback. “I was studying here for a semester ten years ago and I very much appreciate the dynamics and the openness and the possibility.”

The Canadian video, which runs just over a minute, features Canadians offering kind words to American calling it, “a land of opportunity where anyone can be anything they want to be.”

The Canucks on vacation in Tampa Bay, seem to agree.

“We love coming here for three months every year and we’d love to come more,” said Arsenault-Frappier. “It’s been a peaceful country here.”