Lina Teixeira never thought she’d be making a dress out of a mop.

“It was totally on accident,” she said of becoming this kind of designer. “That wasn’t planned. I like the challenge of taking something that doesn’t bend and turning it into high fashion.”

The Clearwater-based designer is transforming common, everyday items into one-of-a-kind pieces. Her website is riddled with examples of what you can use to create spectacular, thought-provoking items.

“The look on their faces is always very perplexed,” she said. “They walk in and they don’t know what they’re looking at.”

Teixeira hopes that her creativity draws in crowds to Clearwater. The city is hosting a Summer Sidewalk Sales event this evening downtown.

Teixeira, who owns Studio 617 on Cleveland Street, has been making wearable clothes and art from paper, recyclables, medical supplies, garbage bags and more for five years.

During the Sidewalk Sales event, she will both sell her items and display art and photography from local artists insider her studio.

“Each one is very special to me,” said Teixeira. “Every year I challenge myself to do something different.”

Teixeira’s displays will be on sale as a part of the downtown Clearwater Summer Sidewalk Sales event tonight. Vendors from all over the city will show off their creations. Teixeira has opened Studio Six One Seven to the public for the last 18 months.