Robb and Susanna Versandi have been married for going-on 23 years. Even before the couple got together, Robb was into vintage toy collecting.

“I signed up anyway,” joked Susanna from the couple’s Tierra Verde home. “We have a lot of fun with it.”

Nearly every inch of the couple’s home is covered with vintage toys. They have everything from Dicky Tracy figurines to old, rare movie posters. Robb started collecting in 1978 when he saw a Figaro figurine from the Disney movie, Pinnochio, at the Main Street Market in Queens, N.Y.

“It grew from there,” he said from his kitchen, surrounded by comic book characters from his childhood memory bank.

His collection is now over 6,000 pieces and, according to Robb, valued at about $250,000. He’s has so many people show an interest in his collection that he started selling a few of his items in a business called Toys Around The Clock started in 1995.

“You have to love whatever it is that you’re doing,” said Susanna. “That’s what keeps us young.”

The couple jokes that they can’t move now because it would take too much work to pack everything away. They intend to keep the collection going and will pass it on to their children.