They dressed all in red with their tassels freshly moved from the right to the left of their Dunedin High School graduation caps. Ericka, Angela and Briana Dean all smiled.

“I would recommend it,” Briana said with a chuckle. “Everyone refers to us as ‘The Triplets.' "

The Dean girls may have been the only set of triplets to walk across the stage at Ruth Eckerd Hall Wednesday morning, but they weren’t the only family of multiples to graduate.

Dunedin also graduated five sets of twins: Peter and Jon Paul Andrade, Helen and James Gray, Christina and Katherine Lovera, Zachary and Alex Bowman, Dylan and Jacob Revezzo.

“It feels like having a best friend or something you’ve had your whole life to go through it with,” said Jon Paul Andrade. “I guess it’s a little more special because you know you’ve both made it together and you’ve both gone through what the other one has.”

The Andrade brothers will separate after graduation. Jon Paul will attend Florida State University while Paul will play basketball at a college in Pennsylvania.

“It will be the hardest goodbye,” said Paul.

The Dean sisters will all live together at an apartment with their dog while attending Santa Fe Community College. They all plan to study some form of medicine.

Their graduation ceremony is something they will always remember.

“I’m the last one to walk because we go in alphabetical order,” said Ericka. “It’s cool to watch Angela go and then Briana and then myself. It’s very memorable.”