They are little, edible works of art and 17-year old Sarah Bryson is the artist.

“My OREO cupcake are amazing,” said in front of a table full of cupcakes. “Instead of having a slice of cake you have a cupcake. You have a little personal cake that you can have it decorate any way you want.”

For as long as she can remember, the incoming-high school senior has been in love with baking –specifically cupcakes. When Sarah was little, her aunt, Carol, introduced her to the pastime that had provided her so much joy.

It quickly became Sarah’s favorite pastime as well.

“She actually got me an apron that said ‘Cupcake Queen’ on it,” she said.

But, a few years later Carol died suddenly. Baking on her own wasn’t quite as joyful for Sarah. The following year her mom died, too.

“When Carol died, the light when out for Sarah,” said her dad, Jeff. “I think that baking brought Sarah back to present time.”

She pressed on with her aunt in mind. She dug the passion for baking back out of her heart and creamed butter and sugar in her mixing bowl again. Now, she’s planning a career in cupcakes.

“She’s turned a dark period into the light and she knows what she’s going to do,” said Jeff. “She has recovered through this by baking and making other people happy.”

Sarah hopes to open ‘Sarah’s Baked Goods’ bake shop someday. Ideally, a place where the shop is downstairs and her living quarters upstairs.

No matter what the future holds, she has her family past to thank for whatever comes next.

“I think about how proud they would be,” she said with a smile.