If you take a beautiful blue sky for granted, so did Noel Stafford.

Only, he wasn’t seeing the blue you see.

“Something about getting your hands in the dirt,” the landscaper said with a handful of bright pink and white periwinkles. “It’s really gratifying.”

His daughter, Molly, cheerfully manned the hose. For years, she had watched her dad rearrange flowers in the family home so they looked just right.

“He’s the hardest working man I know,” she said.

Noel’s life is about making the world more beautiful and his family wanted to make sure he truly experienced the works of his hands. In December, for Noel’s 66th birthday, the family bought him a pair of EnChroma glasses designed to give those with colorblindness a chance to see true colors for the first time.

Noel’s grandson, Carson, uploaded the clip to YouTube and it’s been viewed over 400,000 times in four months.

“Seeing the flowers the way we see them, that’s what we wanted for him,” said Molly, who can been seen rushing to hug her dad after he begins to cry tears of joy in the video. “He’d been used to seeing color a certain way for so long and to see the greens and the reds and the pinks, I think emotion just took over.”

Wearing a bright blue and orange Florida Gators hat, Noel wiped away tears. The sky he’d worked under beautifying homes for so many years was finally picture-perfect blue.

“It’s like magnified the beauty and it was just breathtaking,” he said. “People who aren’t colorblind, my son for example, say, ‘Well, dad that’s how it is’. I didn’t know.”

Noel worked multiple jobs to support his family through the years. This gesture, they say, is the least they could do for the guy who sacrificed so much for them.

“More than we’ll ever know,” Molly said when asked if her dad appreciated the glasses. “He loves it. He’s always outside doing something in his yard.”