Bobbi Pridemore remembers the day like it was yesterday.

Deputy Michael Toczylowski has long forgotten it.

March 20, 2004, the day the two met, is a day to chuckle about for the co-workers, now.

“I got my first, one and only speeding ticket,” said Pridemore, the executive secretary for Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco.

That was 14 years ago. She was driving 49 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone on the way to her son’s baptism.

14 years ago, before she started this job, she was driving a little fast. She got caught.

“I’m headed to church,” she told the deputy.

“I don’t recall her saying that,” said Toczylowski, expressionless.

“I didn’t know I was speeding,” she recalled.

“I don’t recall hearing that,” Toczylowski said, again, expressionless, when asked about the ticket.

“I cried,” admitted Pridemore.

Nothing worked. She was given the $200 speeding ticket and hasn’t sped since.

The ticket popped up in Bobbi’s mind a few weeks ago and she wondered, now that she worked for the Sheriff’s Department, did the deputy who gave her the only ticket she ever received still work for the agency? So, she looked it up on her computer.

“When I saw the name it looked eerily familiar,” she said.

Pridemore urged Toczylowski to look it up and when he did he saw his own name at the bottom of the citation.

“Now I work with her every day,” he said with a smile.

The coincidence is something to smile about now. The two have become friends. Toczylowski says, since finding out he was the one who issued Pridemore the ticket, he has been reminded about it at least twice per day from co-workers.