Some masterpieces take a lifetime. Others, just a few minutes.

“I don’t know. Like, ten minutes maybe,” said Amelie Clarke with a giggle.

The second-grader at MacFarlane Park Elementary in South Tampa put the finishing touches on her ‘thank you’ note.

“I tried!” she exclaimed.

The cute, childish handwriting offered a simple thank you from the heart. The classroom of 20+ students all took time to write out words of gratitude Monday morning, the student’s first day back in school since Hurricane Irma ripped across Florida last week.

“I was scared in the storm and you helped keep my family safe,” said 7-year old Cecilia. “You helped a lot of people.”

The students spent time before lunch crafting notes for first responders they likely will never meet. Some of the MacFarlane teacher’s spouses are police and firefighter professionals. The hand-written letters will be distributed this week.

“Dear EMT, thank you for helping a lot of people out,” wrote one child. “We appreciate your work.”

“They’re a really sweet class and they really do appreciate (first responder’s) work,” said teacher Lauren D’Aloia. “Some of them wrote to specific first responders that they knew.”

The student all drew pictures to go along with their words.

“Thank you for your time away from your family and your service,” said Gabriel, who wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.”