“Spiders!” John said in a rush to cross a busy downtown Tampa street, “and Donald Trump becoming president.”

The answers to a simple, “What are you afraid of?” question garnered all kinds of interesting answers Halloween morning.

Most were political in nature.

“My biggest fear is that America makes a massive mistake on November 8,” said Connor, who was visiting Tampa Bay from England.

American citizens agreed.

“It’s just crazy. I’ve never been as afraid of things as I am now,” said Dee Estero, from Wimauma. “I’ve never seen behavior like this in my life and it puts me in an uncomfortable place.”

Chapman University did a study to examine American’s fears. The results showed that the top three fears in this nation are corrupt government, possible terrorist attacks, and running out of money.

The entire list included more traditional fears such as spiders, snakes, needles, heights and public speaking.

“Cockroaches, they just freak me out,” said Zach Orecchio.

Psychiatrists have determined that the only two fears that human beings are born with: fear of falling and fear of loud noises.

The study showed that roughly 19 percent of Americans are afraid of dying while around 12 percent fear flying.