ORLANDO, Fla. -- There are some restrictions on who can experience the new Pandora - The World of Avatar ride at Walt Disney World -- and some people are not happy.

Jackie Gailey, who writes for several Disney and travel-related websites, said she has seen complaints posted about size restrictions on the Flight of Passage, according to WKMG.

"This is the first time since I've been going to Walt Disney World that I've ever not been able to ride something because of my size," Gailey said. "I felt (the safety harness) click in, and it was tight. I mean, it was real tight. But I thought, 'All right, well, I'm in.'"

During her visit, Gailey said she heard a cast member tell another rider they cannot ride, before coming over to her. She said about four people had to get off the ride.

"Then the cast member said the exact same thing: 'I'm really sorry. Unfortunately, we can't get the seat locked, so you are not going to be able to ride,'" Gailey said.

"There was a man and a woman, and the man was so angry that he actually took his backpack off of his shoulder and threw it down the stairs," Gailey said.

Disney, which says its goal is to have rides that can accommodate most people, plans to install a test seat so visitors can make sure they can fit on the ride.