Previously on “Game of Thrones” power rankings: Daenerys Targaryen and one of her dragons unleash wrath upon a Lannister army...Jaime Lannister barely avoids getting incinerated by said dragon and sinks motionless into a body of water...Bronn is still Bronn (an extraordinary mercenary who has had some of the show’s wittiest lines)...Arya Stark returns to Winterfell, creating a Stark trifecta...Arya and Brienne of Tarth spar in an epic sword duel.

Editor’s Note: This story contains spoilers from the fifth episode of season seven of “Game of Thrones.”

Daenerys Targaryen (last week: No. 1) – Randyll and Dickon Tarly had the opportunity to bend the knee to Dany. Both refused and got incinerated by Drogon.

“I have fewer enemies today than I did yesterday,” Dany told Jon.

Dany’s long-awaited reunion with a healthy Jorah Mormont was short-lived.

What is Dany’s play against the Lannisters with Jon Snow going beyond the wall to bring back proof of the White Walkers?

2. Jon Snow (last week: No. 2) – Jon bonded with and even petted one of Daenerys dragons. The show continues to get closer to learning of Jon’s Targaryen lineage.

The King of the North will once again go beyond the wall. This time he’s with a ragtag crew to try to come back with a White Walker carcass.

3. Cersei Lannister (last week: No. 3) – The woman who sits atop the Iron Throne claims she’s pregnant with Jaime Lannister’s child.

Several people on Twitter don’t actually believe Cersei is pregnant. If she’s faking the pregnancy, it would be an incredible power move to try to gain Jaime’s absolute loyalty.

How does crazy pirate Uncle Euron Greyjoy feel about Cersei’s pregnancy? Will Euron even care? Could Euron take credit and claim he’s the father of the child?

4. Jaime Lannister (last week: No. 4) – Jaime has (supposedly) fathered the next heir to the Lannister legacy.

Both Jaime and Cersei don’t concern themselves of what people think of their next incest baby because “lions don’t concern themselves with the worries of sheep.”

Jaime is also one of few people who has survived the wrath of a dragon.

The tension between Jaime and Tyrion during their meeting was palpable. Jaime showed incredible restraint for listening to anything Tyrion had to say.

Jaime is still one voice Cersei listens to, and Cersei still sits on the Iron Throne.

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5. Jons Snow’s ragtag bunch (last week: not ranked) - The King of the North managed to round up “The Expendables” an eclectic bunch of warriors to bring back a White Walker body to convince Queen Cersei of the army of the dead’s existence.

The group includes: Jon Snow, Jorah Mormont, Sandor Clegane aka the Hound, Gendry, Thoros, Beric Dondarrion and Tormund.

Who knows if their mission will pay off? It doesn’t seem likely all seven in the group will return to Westeros.

Jon : You're leaner
Gendry : You're shorter

This episode is full of trolling 😂 #GameOfThrones

— Jody (@thatfangirljody) August 14, 2017

6. Samwell Tarly (last week: not ranked) – Sam decided to leave the Citadel with Gilly and her child!

“I’m tired of learning about the achievements of better men,” Sam proclaims.

Sam is in charge of the Tarly family now that Randyll (Sam’s father) and Dickon (Sam’s brother) both refused to bend the knee to Dany. We’ll see how Sam uses his new authority to his advantage.

7. Sansa Stark (last week: not ranked, but Stark trifecta ranked No. 5) – For now, Sansa is in control of Winterfell with Jon gone.

Will Sansa, Bran aka the Three-Eyed Raven and Arya continue to work together?

8. Tyrion Lannister (last week: not ranked) – Tyrion’s role as hand of the Daenerys will be even more critical now that Jon has gone beyond the wall.

How Tyrion manages Dany while facing the persecution of his family is an incredible dynamic.

Could Cersei want Tyrion as a bargaining chip if she’s to work out an agreement with Dany?

9. Lord Petyr Baelish Little Finger (last week: not ranked) – Leave it to Little Finger to find an old scroll of a letter Sansa wrote to the late Rob Stark.

The letter asked Rob to bend the knee to Joffrey in King's Landing. Remember, Sansa wrote the letter while under duress from the Lannisters.

10. Davos Seaworth (last week: not ranked) – Season seven of "Game of Thrones" is marked by several character reunions. Gendry and Davos provided the latest example.

Davos provided great comedic relief throughout the episode too.

Not ranked: Arya Stark, Bran Stark aka the Three-Eyed Raven, Euron Greyjoy, Lory Varys, the White Walkers, the Night King, Randyll Tarly, Dickon Tarly

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