When we speak of adoption, the attention is immediately drawn to the child and the child’s future, a lot of times eliminating the story behind why that child was given up in the first place. To Have and Not to Hold is not just another memoir. Like many adoption accounts, this is a story of love, sacrifice, sorrow, hope and joy, but this book goes beyond that. This book goes deep into the heart of what goes on in a young, unexpected mother-to-be's mind when adoption surfaces as the best road to take. When Lorri Antosz Benson, a 24-year-old successful television producer for the groundbreaking national show DONAHUE, finds herself in an impossible situation, she digs deep and faces the heartbreaking reality that the best choice for her beloved new baby is to be raised by someone else. Lori joined us today on Great Day Tampa Bay with her views on the topic of adoption. For more info, go to lorriantoszbenson.com