It’s a unique camp for adults taking place this weekend in Tampa. "Camp Widow" is a 3-day event where men and women who are working to rebuild their lives after losing a spouse or partner will come together for round-table discussions, workshops and both onsite and offsite activities. Among the speakers will be inspirational speaker Caryn Sullivan, author of the award-winning book, "Bitter or Better”. Caryn has experienced some pretty tough times herself losing her husband in 2009 after he suffered a heart attack while driving home from a health club. To make matters even tougher, she has also survived breast cancer, has a daughter who needed a bone marrow transplant after coming down with a dangerous blood disease, and she has a son with high functioning autism. If you or a loved one has experienced similar circumstances go to You can get an inside look right now by clicking the link: INSIDE LOOK AT CAMP WIDOW