TAMPA -- For years, he’s entertained and, more important, educated generations, as well as introduced us to some of the most unique (and often near extinct) animals and creatures on earth. What few know about Jack Hanna is that he got his start here in Florida. He received a job offer to direct a small zoo in Sanford in 1973. From there, he moved on to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. Shortly after, Hanna began making appearances on shows like "Good Morning America", "David Letterman", and most recent, the "Late Late Show with James Corden".

This weekend, Jack Hanna is back at the place he spent his honeymoon ... Busch Gardens. On Saturday and Sunday, he'll be conducting classes and offering demonstrations on a few of the endangered species that travel with him. It's a great opportunity for kids to see some of the most unique animals up close and personal!

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