Obtaining quality affordable healthcare is a fundamental aspect of every individual’s life, yet it’s often difficult to find – especially for seniors.

Dr. Wayne Blount, Chief Medical Officer of Dedicated Senior Medical Center, joined Great Day Tampa Bay to discuss the company’s revolutionary medical practice for Medicare-eligible seniors.

Patients benefit from Dedicated Senior Medical Center’s primary care physician-led approach which creates 53% fewer hospital sick visits than the Florida average.

Blount says they work to reduce that average through personal relationships.

“We spend eight times more time per year with our patients than almost everybody else,” he told Good Day Tampa Bay. “The more we can diagnose, the more we can build a personal relationship, the more we can practice preventive care. And we also know that the more time a physician spends with a patient, the more likely the patient is to practice prevention. “

This approach results in more patients taking proactive steps to better their health like giving up smoking, changing their diet, and starting to exercise.

The practice is also dedicated to reducing excessive patient “panel” sizes – that is, the total number of patients under a doctor’s care.

A 2012 article in the Annals of Family Medicine noted that the averages primary-care physician has about 2,300 patients, but Dedicated Senior Medical Care limits their doctors to taking care of 450 patients.

“[Patients] have five times the normal access to come in to see us,” Bount explains.

Along with personalized care, the practice follows three other values to ensure quality of life and longevity: love for their patients, passion for what they do, and affordable VIP healthcare.

Dedicated Senior Medical Center also offers same-day appointments, walk-in availability, and door-to-doctor courtesy transportation.

Dedicated Senior Medical Center, is a 10News WTSP Medical Minute Partner, and is here to help provide resources for Baby Boomers to help them address their medical concerns.
To find out more about Dr. Wayne Blount or to take a VIP tour, visit www.dedicated.care

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