Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo and The Hyppo, a gourmet ice pop company with several stores in the Tampa Bay area, partnered on a contest to name the zoo's newest baby girl, a rare pygmy hippopotamus. Within a few days, over 1,000 entries were submitted through social media, pygmy adoptions and The Hyppo in Hyde Park Village. The endangered pygmy hippopotamus was born at the Zoo in the early morning on Dec. 1, 2017. The baby girl currently weighs in at 35 lbs. With less than 40 pygmy hippos in the Species Survival Program, this newborn is a rare gift for the Tampa community. A party is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 8 at 11 am, to reveal the baby girl's new name and the contest winner at the Pygmy hippopotamus habitat at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. For more info, go to lowryparkzoo.org , For some delicious handmade Ice pops that provide authentic and uncommon culinary experiences, go to thehyppo.com