Tastykake Dessert Diva Greer Hackett joined Great Day Tampa Bay to showcase a few festive, easy-to-make Halloween treats perfect for the spookiest and sweetest day of the year. Visit tastykake.com or follow them on Facebook @Tastykake for more festive recipe ideas for any occasion.

Ghoulish Ghost Pops


• 1 Family pack of Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets

• Popsicle sticks

• Black icing in piping bag


• Take individual Butterscotch Krimpets and insert a popsicle stick in the cake.

• Next use a little black icing to paint creepy ghost faces onto the front of the Krimpet

Mummy Cakes


• 1 family pack box of Tastykake Chocolate Bells

• White icing in piping bag

• Ribbon or flat frosting tip

• 1 package of M&Ms

• Black icing in piping bag

• Small pointing frosting tip


• Use Tastykake Chocolate Bell as the base.

• Use white icing with a ribbon or flat frosting tip to pipe on the mummy's wrappings.

• Use a little black frosting as 'glue' for the yellow candy eyes and pipe black frosting dots on the candies for the mummy's pupils.

Graveyard Dirt Cups


• A few bags of Tastykake's Salted Caramel Kake Chips

• Clear plastic cups

• Chocolate pudding

• Oreos

• Ghost-shaped Peeps

• Black frosting


• Crush a handful of Kake Chips and use those as the base layer in your cup.

• Fold a layer of chocolate pudding on top.

• Layer the pudding and crushed Kake Chips until the cup is full (ending with a layer of pudding).

• Top with crushed Oreos.

• Place a ghost-shaped Peep on top.

• Take a whole Kake Chip, and write "RIP" on it in black icing.

• Stick that in the top layer of pudding in front of the ghost Peep.