Thursday, December 7th is the final day for choosing your insurance coverage for 2018 and many people are still confused about what coverage they need or what their current plan covers. Insurance is not “one size fits all,” says Michelle Brownell from United Healthcare. There are options for everyone depending on their own healthcare needs and their budget.

Choice, Care, and Experience are the three things you need to consider when looking at your plan. Some of the questions to ask are: Does your current doctor participate in the network? Has your health changed over the last year? That may indicate you need to look at specialists, and you need to make sure they are available under your plan. In addition, some plans include vision, dental, or even gym memberships. That could help save you money and add to your health care experience.

If you need more information or have questions to be answered, please visit one of these websites:

You can also call United Healthcare at 1-800-821-5093. And watch Michelle Brownell’s interview on Great Day Tampa Bay!