TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. — A teacher at Tarpon Spring Fundamental Elementary is suing the city of Tarpon Springs after a problem with the city’s water pressure led to the explosion of toilets in the school’s media center.

Anne Burson, who has since retired after 44 years as a teacher and media specialist, says she had just flushed the toilet and was getting ready to wash her hands when she heard an awful noise just before the toilet suddenly exploded.

The blast sent shards and sharp chunks of porcelain flying across the restroom, leaving Burson with a gash on her leg. People rushed towards the restroom after hearing the boom. Burson says she didn’t realize at first how badly she was injured.

“The people behind me said you need to sit down, and I looked behind me and there was a big trail of blood,” recalls Burson.

The incident took place back in 2012, but the details are just now coming to light in a lawsuit against the city of Tarpon Springs filed by Burson’s attorney.

Burson blames city work crews for not warning school administrators they were working on plumbing pipes and of possible danger to students and staff when the water pressure began to build out of control, even after another toilet exploded earlier in the day.

“They’re not supposed to work on the lines while school is in session. They’re not supposed to work on the lines without telling the principal,” said Burson.

The city of Tarpon Springs had no comment on the lawsuit, which seeks $15,000 in damages.

Burson, who is left with a dark-colored scar on her left leg, says she is hopeful city crews will be more cautious in the future.