CLEARWATER, Fla. – They’re products to help you protect yourself when you’re on the go. Damsel in Defense is a company with a mission to equip, empower and educate women to defend themselves and their families.

Dana Hughes says she wants to help other women. She’s taking self-defense from C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense Systems and preparing herself with the gadgets.

“Security on the go for everyone,” she says.

Looking at the devices, you wouldn’t know that they also protect. There are wallets to protect you from credit card skimmers, a tool for your car that’s a flashlight/beacon/magnet/window punch/seat-belt cutter/alarm all in one, as well as cleverly disguised stun guns.

Each of the stun guns features a disable pin. If an attacker takes it out of your hand, the pin comes out and it doesn’t work.

There are also devices that are quick to access and have piercing alarms.

“It’s going to draw attention and give them the opportunity to get away from that situation,” says Hughes.

Every second counts when it comes to protecting yourself.

C.O.B.R.A Self Defense founder and president Chris Sutton says you need to be trained on how to get out of an attack without weapons, and how to properly use them to fend off an assailant.

“If it’s functional and ready and accessible and also gets taken from me, it’s no longer a weapon. That’s great,” says Sutton.

He says you also need to have a plan.

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