A good news update you have watch. 5 On Your Side brought you the story of Jessica McDaniels, 32, back in May when she was the victim of cyber bullying. Her smile was mocked by thousands of people on Facebook.

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"Some was like, ‘I should be in a zoo.’ Some was like, ‘You shouldn't even have no kids,’" McDaniels said back in May.

Fast forward two months, and McDaniels can't stop smiling. That's because two local doctors, oral surgeon Maryann Udy and prosthodontist Thomas Matthes, heard McDaniels' story and wanted to help.

"I definitely wanted to help her because of how she handled her situation...and I just thought 'man I have the ability to help her,'" Dr. Mayann Udy said.

Dr. Udy and Dr. Matthes provided their services for free. Jessica still has one more surgery to complete her smile. That will take place in September.

"It's like a miracle. My baby girl gets a new chance at life," said Pat McGee, Jessica's mother.

It's taken Jessica some time to get used to the drastic change. For the first two days after surgery she didn't look in the mirror.

"It was life changing. I had been like that for 32 years. For that to change... it was like, 'Who are you? Who are you now?'" Jessica said. "I'm still the same Jessica inside, I just have a new smile."

Jessica now wants to help others get a new smile. She wants to start a nonprofit to help others suffering with dental issues.

"I'm just so happy and I want to make others happy too. I feel like the spotlight is on me so why not give it to someone else," she said.