An Arizona State student is fighting back against creeps online.

MAdi Kohn, 20, says she was being bombarded with men sending her nude pictures through Tinder, so she wrote in her bio threatening the ultimate revenge: To forward any nude pics to the sender's mother.

"I said 'If you send me unsolicited pictures, I will send them to your mom,'" she said.

One guy tested her, sending several to her on Instagram.

"Since this person who sent me his picture had his full name on his Instagram, I was like 'You know what, I'm just going to live up to my Tinder bio,'" Kohn said.

She tracked down his mom via social media and sent the photos to her.

"She just basically apologized and said that her son's usually pretty good," Kohn said.

She posted her story on Facebook and Twitter and it took off from there, eventually picked up by Buzzfeed, who said they spoke to the guy who sent the pics. He was none too pleased that she followed through on reaching his mom.

I think I can speak for myself and other women out there when I say," she said, "we don't want unsolicited pictures, especially when we've never talked to you."