TAMPA -- The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has put out a firm message that they do not tolerate animal abuse or neglect.

The message was put forth after a person or persons dumped puppies at the corner of Leroy and Cimino/Howard. According to the humane society's Facebook page, the puppies were found sick, hungry, and have a painful skin condition similar to Demodex Mange.

The CEO, Sherry Silk, announced Thursday there would be a $1,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the individual(s) involved.

Their message continued with, "There is simply no excuse for treating animals this way. If someone is unable to care for their animals they should bring them to us or another shelter. Abandoning animals is cruel and a crime."

The humane society asks anyone with information to contact them at (813) 876-7138.