Jacob and Esau roamed the streets of Cocoa for at least three miles before breaking into a screened-in patio, killing a sickly pet cat and later chasing a city councilwoman and a police officer.

Both of the well-fed pit bull dogs — who have no prior history of aggression — were returned to their 27-year-old owner Jennifer Housenga after Brevard County Animal Services investigators issued her $310 in fines, records show.

"Those dogs in particular qualified for a home quarantine," said John Martinez, spokesman for the Brevard County Sheriff's Office. "They had no previous incidents of a bite history or aggression."

But they sure surprised Cocoa Councilwoman Brenda Warner and Cocoa Officer Jeff Aiken.

"They charged after the police officer and me," Warner said. "We just decided that we had to get out of the way."

Warner lives next door to where the cat, Tommy, was mauled. The cat's owner couldn't be reached.

Cocoa police said the dogs somehow got out of the fence surrounding their home and ended up a long way away in the 100 block of Circle Drive after neighbors there called to report the wandering animals.

"It's just really surprising that they somehow managed to cross some busy roads without anyone calling to report seeing them on the loose (earlier)," Warner said.

Housenga, of 1215 Alamand Lane, was cited for having an animal at large and an animal causing property damage, reports show. Cocoa police and animal services workers were called about 3 p.m. Monday to investigate reports of two aggressive dogs.