Pasco County deputies helped a youngster displaced by the Starkey Park fire, but this resident wasn't a person.

Saturday, Deputy Christopher Samar was flagged down by a citizen who said they found an injured hawk. Samar found the bird, which was actually an osprey, at the corner of Deer Lodge Road and Arrow Creek Road.

After being contacted, Laura Maidenberg of Tampa Bay Raptor Rescue stated she would be able to care for the bird, but the deputy would have to bring it to her. Samar was able to contain the osprey inside a box to transport.

A Pasco County deputy was able to bring this osprey in after it was abandoned.
Maidenberg said the osprey was not injured and approximately 5 weeks old. She stated the osprey was forced from its home, most likely from the forest fires in Starkey Park. She said the osprey was unable to fly so the mother either scared it from the nest and it glided to where it was found or the mother carried it and possibly dropped it and never returned.The osprey wouldwill be transported to Audubon Maitland for rehabilitation due to the mother abandoning the it and it will be released in a few weeks where it was found.