MURRAYVILLE, Ga. -- Firefighters are calling a dog's survival "amazing" she spent weeks trapped down a 35-foot well.

On Tuesday afternoon, Hall County Fire Lt. Nathan Crowe was lowered down into well. Moments later, he was lifted back out with Sugar Bear the dog in his arms.

Carolyn Smith, the dog's owner was overjoyed.

"Thank God," she said while watching the rescue come to an end. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Smith said Sugar Bear lost a third of her weight and after being checked-out by a doctor is now recovering.

PHOTOS | Crews rescue dog stuck down 35-foot well

The dog ran off along with her sister Zoe in early December. The two dogs were staying with Smith's son in the Murrayville area of Hall County. She said a plumber accidentally left a door open and the dog's ran off. Then the search to find the missing dogs began.

"My husband, he got on the website and got everything activated in their chips and everything," she recalled.

But even with the help of tracking chips, no one could find the dogs.

Sheree Elliott didn't know the Smiths, but felt the need to post missing dog flyers after she heard about the dogs.

"These two dogs were inside dogs that is what I was worried and concerned about the most," Elliott said. "But you can see they're troopers and survivors."

The missing dog signs led to several tips and eventually, those tips brought Smith and Elliott to a piece of wooded property.

Smith heard familiar barking in the distance. Then she found the 35-foot deep well and looked inside.

"She was down in the bottom. I called my husband and told him," Smith said as she recounted the moment she spotted Sugar Bear. "He started crying because he didn't think we would every get them back. I mean they're our babies."

After they found Sugar Bear in the well, Zoe ran up to Smith a few minutes later. She believes Zoe remained close to the well ever since her sister fell in.

Firefighters the dog's her survival "amazing."

"We had recently gotten some rain so there was some water in the bottom of the well," Cpt. Zachary Brackett said. "That probably actually contributed to the survival of the dog."

Now Smith is happy to have her dog back home and said Sugar Bear knows survival better than most. She rescued her dog years ago after being hit by a car. How many lives Sugar Bear has is anyone's guess.

"Vet said nine, I said 100," Smith said. "She has been through more than any human I know have been through."