TAMPA -- The dogs rescued from a South Korean meat farm are available for adoption.

Billy, Banjo, Bambi, Alphie, Jenna and Zoe are now available to go home with new families, according to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Potential adopting owners need to go to the shelter. Adoptions are on a first come, first served basis.

“I saw they we’re going to be available for adoption and I was like, they're so cute,” says Bridget Hill, who is adopting a dog.

Lisa Ogdem was the first in line at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay; she had her eyes on Banjo.

“No animal should ever have to go through anything like that,” says Ogdem.

For Gregory Kuss, adopting one of these dogs was personal.

“I have an issue with PTSD from Vietnam war. It's something that's been haunting my life,” says Kuss.

Kuss was approved by the VA to get a dog. It will become his service animal.

“The dog then becomes trained and they support the training. If and when we get those qualifications, all the vet care is taken care of by the VA. It's a benefit for me. I think it will help me with the anxiety and depression I go through with PTSA,” says Kuss.

Kuss isn't the only one going through anxiety, Glen Hatchell has been working with all 10 dogs for almost a month.

“Most of them don't want people touching them or hands to the face. A week ago, I don’t know if she would of sat on my lap like this,” says Hatchell.

Only 6 are available for adoption. The rest, Hatchel will continue working with.

As for Kuss, he's excited to help give one of these dogs a home.

“I have a big back yard, so I'm looking forward to the fact of having a friend,” says Kuss.

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The society reminds people that the Korean dogs have specific needs and require a level of care that may be too much for some families.

The society is working to find the right fit for the dogs and owners.

Anyone unable to adopt one of the rescued dogs is reminded that there are other dogs, cats, or pocket pets that also are available.