It was an unusual day in Highlands County. The sheriff's office was bombarded with calls about a black bear strolling around Avon Park.

With the help of FWC, they were able to guide it to a wooded area, but not after it took a tour of the town.

The bear walked through the parking lot of Olympic Restaurant along US 98. Server Brandi Daniels was just starting her shift when she heard her coworkers talking about it. At first, she didn’t believe them.

“I just came out here, started wiping down the tables and then I hear the commotion and I look, and when I seen the bear, I thought, there’s really a bear,” she said.

Daniels and her coworker Isaac Hernandez said the bear wasn’t aggressive. They described it as playful, as FWC tried to herd it to safety. Hernandez captured some of it on video.

In addition to the restaurant, the bear stopped at the gas station, the bank and lounged under a tree.

Crews eventually got it across the highway and herded it to the woods away from people, where they hope it will stay.