A fright just a couple of days before Halloween at the front door of Beneva Oak Apartments in Sarasota.

Tina Syr was on her way for a late-night cigarette when she saw it.

"The snake was going up the glass so I saw its head," Syr said.

It was a boa constrictor, the scale of which Syr and her husband had never seen before.

"I took a tape measure and measured the distance from where it was in the picture and it was six-foot plus," said Rodney Huff.

The couple called 911, and soon a Sarasota police officer was able to apprehend the slippery suspect before it could high-tail it away.

"I asked (the officer) 'are you married? If your wife found out you did this she's going to be mad at you," Syr said.

The snake wasn't harmed and was taken to the Sarasota County Animal Shelter.

Syr is glad it's hisssstory.

"It's the first one and the last one, I hope," Syr said.