NANCHANG, China -- A man who jumped into an enclosure at a zoo in the Jianxi Province was no match for a giant panda.

A video posted to YouTube from CCTV shows the man, who was not identified, running to a sleeping panda. The panda awakens and is initially annoyed by the intruder.

Then the panda lunges for the man's leg and puts him into a tight hold. The panda gets the initial takedown as the young man tries to wriggle away.

The struggle continued for another minute until the man gets some leverage and is able to pull away. He doesn't come away unscathed as the panda gets one more swipe and pulls the man's pants down.

The deputy head of the Nanchang Zoo, Kuang Huaming, told CCTV that the man was able to leave the zoo before he was caught by authorities.

Neither the man, nor panda were hurt in the altercation. But Huaming said that the panda will undergo extra medical evaluation by zoo officials.