FAYETTEVILLE, OHIO - Officials say they’ve seized more than 130 animals from a home in a southwest Ohio village in a case they’re calling a “farmyard of horrors.”

Barb Ashmore, who is the deputy dog warden for the Brown County Animal Shelter, told WXIX-TV on Monday that 139 animals were removed from the backyard of a Fayetteville home, including dogs, goats, chickens, sheep, and rabbits.

Ashmore says some animals were found dead and that others were barely alive due to the filthy conditions and lack of space to move around.

The animals were seized following an odor complaint.

Ashmore says the homeowner, who isn’t currently facing charges, told officials he was going to try to feed his family on the animals.

An investigation is ongoing.

In a Facebook post, the Brown County Humane society said most of the animals seized were chickens.

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