PASCO COUNTY, Fla. -- The Pasco County Sheriff's Office posted to their Facebook page giving an update on a rescued kittens new life.

The kitten was rescued last month after being found tied up and in poor condition. The kitten was treated at a local vet and then an officer adopted him.

The sheriff's office happily reported the kitten is doing well and has several other furry siblings.


A kitten is recovering and has a new forever home thanks to two Pasco County deputies who heard its cries and found it tied up.

Deputies Keelie Peckham and James Cantagallo were responding to a trespassing call on October 20 when the crying led them to an-8 week-old kitten tied up.

Two people who were responsible for the cat said they could not afford to care for the kitten, so they tied it up to prevent it from running away, according to the sheriff's office in a Facebook post. The kitten was bloated, had fleas, smelled of urine and had marks from being tied.

A deputy took the kitten to Gulfview Animal Hospital where Dr. Steven St. John and his staff treated and cleaned the kitten. Deputy Peckham has adopted the kitten and will provide it a loving home.

Veterinarian Dr. Steven St. John and Deputy Keelie Peckham