BUFFALO, N.Y. -- When a wild animal was in need, a couple of women didn't hesitate to help.

And a passerby, armed with a camera recorded the encounter.

The video shows a frightened animal, perhaps a woodchuck or groundhog, with its head stuck inside a jar.

The animal was frantic and at risk of getting hit by a car since it couldn't see very well.

"I was driving by, and I saw the weirdest looking creature with a head, and I just decided to stop and take a picture,” said Brian Meyer, who recorded what happened.

Luckily, two women stepped in to help. They, without reservation, reached out to pick up the wild animal and help get its head unstuck before it took off into the park.

"I thought it was awesome. I loved it. I was kind of shocked, I was surprised. It was very heartwarming to see, to me,” Meyer said.

Meyer recognizes not everyone would have stopped to help.

"They actually did not speak English, but I tried to thank them and say you did a really good thing. And I thought it was kind of cool: They just looked at me and [gestured a thumbs up], and I think that's pretty universal.”

This all took place on the sprawling park lawn that surrounds the Botanical Gardens in South Buffalo.