For some families, it can feel like buying diapers can costs as much as sending a child to college.

Low-income families struggle -- spending twice as much as higher income families on buying diapers. That's why the White House is stepping in to bridge this so-called diaper gap.

The Obama administration is connecting private companies and nonprofits to help provide millions of diapers to families in need.

Clara Gayton spends $75 a month on diapers stretching her budget to the limit.

“I make pretty good money. My husband makes pretty good money and it still disappears,” she says.

The White House estimates low-income families spend 14 percent of their salary on diapers.

There’s no federal aid for buying them. Families often have limited internet access to find deals online or live too far from big box stores to buy in bulk.

The Cuties brand is making diapers with a simpler design and online discounter is selling them at no profit with free shipping to organizations through the community diaper program.

There are resources that can help you get clean diapers for your baby.

There are more than 20 organizations here in Florida that are part of the national diaper bank network. One of them is Baby Cycle in Pinellas County. You can connect with them through 2-1-1 Tampa Bay.

Baby Cycle also desperately needs your help and donations. Its biggest fundraiser of the year is this Sunday. 10News WTSP anchor Courtney Robinson will be there and you can, too.