Ferris Romaire has been with the love of his life for 70 years now, but the couple does not have any photos from their wedding day. So for their 70th wedding anniversary, their granddaughter decided to give her grandparents something that would last forever. She set up a photo shoot with a Texas photographer to reenact their wedding pictures they didn't get on November 24, 1946.

Amanda Kleckley reached out to Lara Cater Photography for a fall shoot in Pearland, Texas. for her grandparents Ferris, 90, and Margaret, 89. Ferris wore a tux and Margaret wore a gown complete with a veil.

As you can see from the photo shoot, the couple are still very much in love. They were full of smiles and celebrated with champagne. They even shared marriage advice with their photographer Lara Cater.

Ferris said the key to a long marriage is “giving each other space and respecting one another” and also “admitting when you are wrong, except that Margaret is never wrong!"

Margaret told Laura, "If a problem came up we solved it. It was more important to compromise and move on than to be right. Two was always better than one. Margaret says, "We never questioned that that was what we had to do.”

The 1946 wedding lasted 15 minutes and they told Lara the reception was held at Margaret's parents' home.

Ferris and Margaret have four kids, eight grandkids, and eight great-grandkids.