Patience at the plate is a good thing in baseball.

Heck, it’s the crown jewel of Shin-Soo Choo’s arsenal that has him playing on a $130 million contract at age 35. And the Texas Rangers as a whole could use a whole lot more of it in 2017, as they rank fifth in the majors with 838 strikeouts and only 299 walks.

But for a gender reveal -- when you only get one chance -- it’s worth taking a swing at the pitch a little bit out of the zone.

That’s not something that registered right away for Kyle Tait, an Atlanta-area broadcaster and father-to-be who attempted a baseball-themed gender reveal over the weekend.

For the uninitiated, the goal is to hit the ball and have it explode into a cloud of blue or pink dust -- for a boy or girl, respectively.

Tait, though, didn’t offer at the high-and-tight slowball, letting it fall to the ground in an anticlimactic splatter of pink. His pitch selection has gone viral in the two days since.

Some folks on Twitter called out the fact that it sounded like a glass ball -- and that maybe taking the pitch was the safer route.

The rest of Twitter had fun with the gender reveal fail. So congrats on the baby girl, Kyle Tait... But a D-minus on the execution.