LUTZ, Fla. - We all know you shouldn't eat raw cookie dough, but many people do it anyway.

There's a new shop in Lutz, Florida, that serves a special cookie dough, specially made to eat raw.

The Happy Dough Co. uses heat treated flour, and pasteurized eggs, in their dough to make it safe to eat.

Flavors like cookies and cream, M&M, rocky road and traditional chocolate chip have people lining up to give it a try.

“They remember that time, fighting with her brothers and sisters over the spoon or the bowl, or their mom {would} tell them, '{I} know you can eat it because it's bad for you,'" owner Trey Seaholm said. "Well now you can lick the spoon and be safe about it."

Anyone not into eating raw cookie dough, can bring it home and baked it into traditional cookies.