ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Ice cream lovers rejoice, there's a new way to eat ice cream.

Thai rolled ice cream got its start on the streets in Thailand, but has since gained popularity in major cities across the U.S.

Thai rolled ice cream starts out similar to hard ice cream, a cream base and few ingredients. The difference is how it’s frozen. With rolled ice cream, the ingredients are poured on a cold plate that is set to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The mixture is worked using spatulas until it starts to freeze. Once it starts to freeze it is spread out into a thin layer, the spatula is used to scrape the ice cream off the plate, causing it to roll.

Melanie Rattanachane is the owner of Iceburg Rolled Ice Cream in downtown St. Petersburg, she says it's a fun process to watch, “it’s unique, the kids love to watch it, adults love to watch it too, the whole process from start to finish is a show.”

If you're looking to try Thai Rolled ice cream you’re in luck, shops have been popping up around Tampa Bay. There’s SnowBachi in Historic Ybor City, Icesmile in Tampa, Mr. Ice Cream in Madeira Beach and Iceburg Rolled Ice Cream in St. Petersburg.