If you like good food and craft beer, the Tampa Bay area is the place to be, according to a survey from WalletHub, with some of the best and cheapest quality food. The site says that Americans spend a third of their food dollars on restaurants.

Tampa ranked No. 4 overall against bigger culinary communities such as Miami, San Francisco and Atlanta. The top five overall were: Orlando, Portland, Ore., Miami, Tampa, San Francisco. St. Petersburg was ranked No. 48. Fort Lauderdale came in at No. 12.

The survey marks World Food Day on Oct. 16 and examined 150 of the largest cities for the best an cheapest food.

Other bites:

Most craft breweries: (Six-way tie). San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Ore., Tampa, Cincinnati.

Most coffee shops per capita: San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Ore., Spokane, Wash.,Honolulu,

Lowest beer price: Laredo Texas.

Most expensive groceries: San Francisco.

Most restaurants per capita: Miami.