TAMPA -- Picture this.

You've got your ball cap ready and your favorite team's logo ready to go. All you need are....Yep, that's it. The smell of freshly boiled peanuts wafts in the air.

Now, imagine you could get that feeling whenever you want it? (Or, at least while it's available.)

A new restaurant is opening up in the Bay area that has boiled peanut fans brimming with delight (or, in this case, boiling).

'Tasty Nutz' restaurant has created its own freshly cooked recipes, ready to be freshly served or even shipped with the click of a button.

Albion Williams Jr., the mastermind of the boiled peanuts concept, is planning a grand opening for the store located at 14930 N. Florida Ave. this Saturday, complete with raffles and buy-one-get-one free cups of boiled peanuts.

For more information, check out the Tampa Bay Times article.