CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -- Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets -- a fan favorite -- were quietly taken off of menus in the Cleveland area a couple weeks ago, and remain an option in select cities nationwide.

A Wendy's spokesperson did not say where they are still a menu option.

Traditional nuggets are still available in Cleveland, the spokesperson said in an email. Traditional nuggets are offered in four-, six-, and 10-piece sizes.

"Customers who were fans of spicy chicken nuggets can always opt for our spicy chicken sandwich," said an email from Wendy's. "We look forward to adding new and exciting products to our menu in the near future."

The chain describes them as: Get big spice for a little price with four pieces of crispy, all-white meat chicken. They're a mouth-watering treat with a fiery blend of nine peppers and spices.